We are delighted to share some great news with you about our first successful transition from our Midlands Homes.

The YP came to our Beech Grove home (Stoke on Trent) in 2020 after suffering trauma and domestic abuse. After 24 months of being nurtured on the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme by the team of Therapeutic Parents at Beech Grove, the education team at Rowan House School and the Halliwell Clinical Team; the YP has moved into their new foster home!

Halliwell is very proud of this achievement and are appreciative of the employees involved in making this a successful transition. This also includes everyone who hasn’t been directly involved in the direct care for the YP. We have seen first-hand how children who complete the Programme are able to go on and thrive in foster homes.

We wish the YP all the best luck in their new home and we look forward to hearing all about how they get on in the future!