Referrals “The care and support that my young person receives from the staff team is outstanding.”

Social worker of a child placed on the Programme.

Looking for a Specialist Therapeutic Placement?

The Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme (RPRP) is unique to Halliwell Homes and delivers recovery from childhood trauma. We accept children aged 12 and under on admission. It is a time limited programme and the child’s progress is tracked using our RPRI index to ensure each child makes a positive transition as quickly as possible.

The average time for a child to complete the programme is 23 months; before successfully transitioning to foster care. The average time a child is on the programme before they make a successful transition to mainstream education is 12 months.

All children on the programme achieve an average school attendance of 99% throughout the year.

Recent feedback from Ofsted Inspections:

“Children are well supported by staff and benefit from the care that is offered. Staff establish good routines that enable children to feel secure within their environment. Because of this, all children make good progress, and, for some, this progress is significant from their starting points. A placing social worker reported, ‘My young person has made substantial progress since moving to Beech Grove. He is responding well to consistent routines, boundaries and expectations. He has formed positive attachments to staff and views them as safe and predictable.”

“Children are happy in their home. They have developed positive relationships with a nurturing and supportive staff team. One parent reported that staff care for their son and offer support to their family. Children regularly attend school. They are helped to understand their behaviour and make better choices. Furthermore, children make good progress because they are now provided with clearer boundaries, structures and routines.”

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