Halliwell Training

A unique feature of Halliwell Homes is our dedication to raising the knowledge, skills and academic status of professionals who care for and teach looked after children. Many of our workforce are already graduates, and we offer every person who commences work with us, regardless of their existing qualifications, a clear path to higher qualifications at no cost to the staff member. Our learning and development team work tirelessly with our clinical staff to ensure that all our staff are well trained, proficient and resilient individuals who are able to think about the children from a complex trauma informed perspective and work with them compassionately and with greater understanding of how they present.

We have our own suite of trainings that all staff members must complete, which includes theories of attachment, importance of play, complex trauma and a highly reflexive approach to therapeutic parenting. We are able to adapt to prevailing public health situations and can provide face to face, online and distance learning of CPD accredited courses. A crucial facet of our training offering is our bespoke induction for all new staff. Through this we ensure all our new staff, some of whom may be new to working with traumatised children, a sense of belonging, safety and fun with their colleagues. Through our induction we make sure staff feel properly prepared for the challenges and successes that lie ahead of them.

Make a Referral

To make a referral to Halliwell Homes or for further information on our referral process please contact the team on: 0161 437 9491 / 07538401593 or referrals@halliwellhome.co.uk.