Recent feedback received at Orchard Grove, May 23

Social Worker feedback:

“I have visited the home a couple of time and every time my YP has been happy. My YP moved around a lot before she was placed at Orchard Grove and that impacted her incredibly. I can see the positive impact that the home and staff have made and I have seen a change in her. There is a transition plan in place to get her back into a foster care environment. Georgia is great with her communication and when the social worker wants to make contact there are never any issues. I recommended another YP to be placed in this home as they have done great work with my YP. My  other YP has experienced a lot of trauma and I feel that this home and staff will have a positive impact on him too. I also spoke to my other YP’s social worker who told me that their key workers are male and are of the same background as him so this is really good to hear and I know he will respond better to them. I don’t think that the home can improve anymore. There was a situation where my YP sent a letter directly from the home when the brother requested no contact with her. However, after speaking to Georgia, my YP has been allocated a new social worker and they had given permission to the home, it wasn’t the home’s fault. They have been good at supporting family time and I like how Georgia encourages my YP to attend the reviews as last time there were difficult conversations to have regarding family contact and she had made sure that my YP had extra support”.