Clinically Informed Programme

The Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme™ is a pioneering approach to treating early childhood trauma. Its sole aim is to enable children to sustain a long term family environment. At Halliwell we put all our effort into preventing children ‘bouncing’ around the looked after system and suffering the exponential negative impact that multiple placement breakdowns have on their psychological and physical health. Through entering a child onto our Programme, Local Authorities bring the number of placements for their children right down to one with us, for 18-24 months, and then one long term home thereafter.

When children enter our Programme they effectively start ‘therapy’ straight away. Our Programme is psychologically-informed at every step, from referral to long after a child transitions from us to their new home. We use an attachment-theory based, complex trauma-informed approach in which our therapeutic parents give children an alternative, trustworthy experience of being parented.

The children’s environment, both physical and relational, is given huge importance and is entirely influenced by a psychology-led approach. Our large clinical team works with all staff who work in the children’s worlds on a daily basis. Our consultant clinical psychologist provides regular consultation and ongoing advice around risk management, behaviour support and ensuring outcomes are effectively monitored and progressed. Psychotherapists provide reflective practice to staff in the homes and schools to ensure staff have plenty of opportunity to process the very complex work they carry out daily with the children. A team of assistant psychologists continuously gather data, including data from our unique Restorative Parenting® Recovery Index, so that we can monitor children’s progress on a daily basis. Members of the clinical team are assigned to all our homes and spend much of their time working with staff to ensure one to one working is as effective and therapeutic as possible.

When children feel safe enough to commence one to one therapeutic input, and if we feel extra intervention will benefit the child, we will provide child-led psychotherapy that is child centred and meets the child at the place where they feel able to process their experiences.


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