Management Development

The Registered Managers and Senior and Lead Teachers are regarded as critical to our success in the delivery of the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme. Their unique positions require a varied and demanding skillset and are best placed to guide and nourish the teams of Therapeutic Parents and educational staff while liaising with Senior Management teams throughout the organisation.

As such the design of our development programme for our managers and lead teachers is bespoke to their roles and responsibilities and as with educational staff and Therapeutic Parents. Core competencies are identified and supported alongside interactive, experience focussed training grounded in an understanding of our ‘Attachment’ based and ‘Trauma informed’ Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme.

The foundation of the development of our managers – as is the case for all staff – is based on the principal of ‘know yourself to improve yourself’ and designed to enable them to translate this knowledge into the different aspects of team building, leadership, mentoring, self-directed learning alongside successful goal setting.

In this way managers and lead teachers are empowered to use the different characteristics and abilities of the teams they are tasked to lead. Supporting them to meet the challenge with competence and for them to support and lead their teams with confidence.