Restorative Parenting
Recovery Index

Following a successful placement of a child, an initial placement plan is completed setting out the presenting behaviours that the RPRP is looking to address. A rolling three-month assessment will be undertaken to determine the child’s needs and to develop their children’s plan. The assessment is designed to monitor the progress of the child over the placement period, report on the findings and make recommendations for adjustments against the plan.

The assessment includes observational material from the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Index and cognitive tests including SDQs and sensory assessments. Every 6-months a LAC review is undertaken chaired by the IRO.

The Restorative Parenting® Recovery Index (RPRI) is both a marker of a child’s progress and a guide through the therapeutic journey.

The five indexes are: 1. Self-Care 2. Forming Relationships and Attachments 3. Self-Perception 4. Self-Management and Self-Awareness 5. Emotional Competence.

Each child is assessed against the Progress and Development Index within the first four weeks of placement and thereafter on a monthly basis. Scores are discussed and agreed by a child’s keyworker and a member of the clinical team.

A child’s progress is mapped over the period using the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Index scores as set out in the worked example below. Please note the normative lines (Green for the upper limit and Red for the lower limit) for measuring and scoring the development of the child. The Blue line represents the development of child at this time at six months into the programme.

Index Charts