Restorative Education

To provide the best quality of education and care for vulnerable children through a vibrant curriculum which fully prepares pupils for their future economic wellbeing and nurtures outstanding personal development.

Repairing the damage and healing the wounds of the child are the essence of the recovery programme. Education must reach the whole child. Restorative Parenting necessarily contains Restorative Education. A child who enters the RPRP may have had a turbulent education with frequent absence.

In school as in the home, it is important to consider the environment and its potential impact upon children. Halliwell schools are aesthetically appealing and instil structure and predictability for our pupils with consistent, highly trained experienced staff teams and a positive behaviour support system.

All our children are expected to move on from our onsite Ofsted registered education provision to mainstream school within 12 months of admittance. All children on the programme attend a Halliwell school from their first day of placement unless it is beneficial to maintain the current placement to accurately meet the child’s needs.

Elm House School

Willow House School

Maple House School

Woodlands School

Rowan House School

Bramble’s School