Further Education

Halliwell Homes policy of development for our staff is bespoke to role and individual career pathways for all staff. Joining Halliwell is not about getting a job in care; it is about embarking on a career in therapeutic parenting through the delivery of the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme to traumatised children that are placed by Local Authorities in Halliwell Residential Homes and Schools.

As a social enterprise, our approach to the recovery and development of the children in our homes is through the development of our staff. To this end, we have recognised that the personal on-going learning and development process must continue throughout the organisation as part of its cultural identity, not just to comply with statutory requirements.

We also believe that the knowledge gained through personal development can only truly improve the lives of our children if it is transferred into the working environment and applied in everyday practice. Only at this point is real learning achieved. To this end, we acknowledge, the performance of our organisation to deliver Restorative Parenting® is only as good as the applied practice of our staff within the working environment provided.

Here at Halliwell, alongside a fully funded, free of charge (subject to a learning agreement), career development pathway for all staff to complete a Level 3 (statutory requirement for all Residential roles) and to progress from this to a Level 5 qualification within three years (subject to course start date). From here a Level 6 qualification can be achieved within two years. A Level 7 qualification can be completed within four to six years (subject to course start date) and will include our Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme.