Staff Induction

Halliwell Homes Learning and Development department is led by the aims and context of our Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme in that we are tasked with supporting our employees to understand and deliver Restorative Parenting in all of its aspects. To this purpose we have designed a 4-week induction programme that is tailored to provide inductees with blended learning as 11 face-to-face coupled with online trainings. This is combined with direct experience via blocks of ‘shadow shifts’ in the Homes during weeks 2,3 and 4. In this way we hope to demonstrate to them the value our Therapeutic Parents and educational staff are held within the organisation as well as providing them with the understanding of the delivery of the Restorative Parenting Programme.

Key aspects of the Induction would be our statutory trainings such as ‘An Introduction to Restorative Parenting’, ‘Attachment and Therapeutic Relationships’, ‘Developmental Trauma’, ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection’ and ‘Childhood Sexual Development’. These sit alongside a 2-day ‘Therapeutic Parenting’ course with its emphasis on ‘interactive learning’. Training in Positive Behaviours Support is scheduled in the first week of the induction for all staff working directly with children.

The 4-week induction period also gives our staff the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their Registered Managers and key post holders at every level of the organisation – helping them to build a sense of belonging to the Halliwell Family.