Early Intervention

 Children that come to Halliwell are 12-years old or younger on admission and have suffered trauma due to catastrophic failures by their parents or care givers. 

The aim of early intervention is to enable children to sustain a long term family environment and the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme™ is a pioneering approach to treating early childhood trauma.

Our specialist time limited programme has been independently Peer Researched by Manchester Metropolitan University.

The peer reviewed research evidenced the following“ RPRP is a particularly effective model for the trauma-informed care of looked after children”.

Through entering a child onto our Programme, Local Authorities bring the number of children’s residential homes for their children right down to one with us, for 18-24 months as a short term fostering placement, and then one long term home thereafter.

Halliwell are specialists in childhood trauma recovery and fostering solutions.

The average length of time for a child to complete the programme is 24 months.

The average time a child is on the programme before they make a successful transition to mainstream education is 12 months.

All children on the programme achieve an average school attendance of 99% throughout the year.