We provide a complimentary post transition support package.

Our mission is to help children achieve long-term stability in a family
environment. Of the children on our Restorative Parenting® Recovery
Programme, 89% achieve a successful transition into a foster or kinship
placement leading to positive outcomes whilst they remain in care and
later in adult life. Our dedicated team work collaboratively with local
authorities to support every child’s successful transition. For the duration
of each child’s stay with us, their progress is measured against the
Restorative Parenting® Recovery Index.

Once a child achieves ‘readiness to step-down’, typically within 18 – 24
months of starting the Programme, we work collaboratively with local
authorities, partner agencies, foster carers and family members to
support each child’s successful transition.

With the permission of the local authority, our in-house social work team
will assist with family finding and matching, working closely with those
who know the child best to ensure long term placement stability. We also
offer a complimentary post-transition support package, providing foster
carers, partner agencies and family members with consultation, support
and advice for up to 12 weeks after a child leaves our Programme.

Over years of experience, we have found that when local authorities use our
transition services the outcomes are better for the children. Please contact
our transitions team today on 0161 437 9491.

Complimentary Transition Support Package

Child’s progress:

Transition support:

12 months

Halliwell Education, Practice and Clinical Team supports the child to transition to a mainstream or specialist education provision.

18-24 months

Child achieves ‘readiness for step-down’ across the five indices of the Restorative Parenting Recovery Index.


Assistance with family finding and successful matching. Pre-transition consultation with partner agencies, foster carers and family members. 

12 weeks post-transition

Clinical and practice support to partner agencies, foster carers and family members.