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About Beech Grove | Residential Children’s Home

Beech Grove is a therapeutic children’s home in Staffordshire specifically designed, furnished, and managed to optimally deliver the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme and ensure children placed in the home achieve outstanding outcomes and recovery from childhood trauma. Beech Grove’s interventions promote learning, growth, and development. It provides a safe and nurturing environment that is full of fun, love, and laughter, where both children and adults can feel valued.

Beech Grove is an integrated children’s home with a wide range of therapeutic interventions and an onsite school to achieve the best outcome for the child. On-site education is provided at our OFSTED-rated “Good” Rowan House School. 

Based in Staffordshire, Beech Grove is an 8-bedroom home registered for boys and girls aged 5-12 upon admission. The secure, welcoming house offers structure and safety when you enter and provides children who have experienced trauma and abuse the opportunity to live in a therapeutic environment. The comfortable rooms are decorated in soft pastel colours in line with the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme. Children are encouraged to personalise their rooms to make them feel like their own safe spaces.

Our Mission | Restorative Parenting Programme

Our mission is to enhance children’s psychological health within the care system. Our Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme is a therapeutic re-parenting programme that focuses on addressing the child’s emotional, behavioural, social, and developmental needs.

The Restorative Parenting® Recovery Index (RPRI) is both a marker of a child’s progress and a guide through the therapeutic journey.

Ofsted Report

“All children living in the home regularly attend education and are making progress. Some children aspire for their futures and are excited by their potential career options. One child has transitioned into mainstream school.

Some of the children have developed positive relationships with staff and some peers. They enjoy some positive experiences. For example, they undertake individual and group activities in the home and the community. One child was looking forward to celebrating their birthday and going to a bouncy castle park with some peers”.

Meet The Manager

Shannon Williamson

Lead Therapeutic Parent

Joe has worked at Halliwell Homes since December 2015 and is qualified in a QCF Level 3 in Residential Childcare and a Level 5 in Leadership and Management. Joe has progressed from a Senior Therapeutic Parent to a Registered Manager during his time at Halliwell Homes.

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