Please feel free to contact us at any time with any enquiries you may have. Use the contact details below or fill out the form opposite.
Tel: 0161 437 9491
Out of office hours:
Tel: 07854281333
Halliwell Homes Ltd.
UF42 Technology House
Lissadel Street
M6 6AP

Clinically Informed Practice – The process to recovery for each child we look after begins with finding the right placement from the start.

Looking for a Specialist Therapeutic Placement?

Halliwell is able to begin a referral process with local authorities who are looking to place a child  aged up to 12 years on admittance into our specialist residential care.


Our 24 hour referral number is 0161-437-9491. Correspondence by email on is also welcome. In preference, we look towards planned placements in which a prior professionals meeting is arranged and contact between ourselves and the child.

Looking for a School Placement?
Our school - Willow House Education Centre - is able to take referrals for students aged 4 - 14 on admittance.

Supporting the wide variety of needs of children with broken educational histories, we aim to build students up to be able to re-enter the mainstream.

If you are intrested in placing a child within Willow House please call 0161 437 9491 (out of office hours 07736100616) or send an email to