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The Halliwell Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme is a therapeutic re-parenting programme which focuses on addressing the emotional, behavioural, social and developmental needs of the child.  Our approach sets us apart from standard residential child care providers in that it is clinically informed in every aspect of the child’s lived therapeutic experience with the specific aim of helping traumatised children achieve psychological well being.

The Restorative Parenting® Recovery Programme operates on an environmental, interpersonal and individual level. Psychological growth and recovery is facilitated through the applied understanding of childhood trauma and attachment needs, Positive Behaviour Management and a focus on engagement and achievement through active participation in education and a wide range of activities. Our practice is guided by knowledge and experience of the power of the narrative and reframing, solution focused approaches and is responsive, consistent and attuned to the child’s needs.

The progress of Individual children is monitored on a monthly basis through the Restorative Parenting® Recovery Index and through the use of additional normed psychological scales where appropriate. Detailed discussion of children’s progress takes place at monthly consultations with a psychologist and additional input is provided on a flexible basis by Halliwell’s clinical team, which includes Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology.

Individual therapy can be arranged for children, but is not usually provided as a long-term adjunct to the security and stability delivered through the overall programme. All children receive individual input via key work sessions and therapy is provided by members of Halliwell’s clinical team (or from accredited professionals contracted for the purpose) to address particular issues that may be restricting progress.

Halliwell Education services ensure that we reach the whole child and Restorative Parenting® necessarily contains restorative education.  Restorative Education is more than good quality education, it is also about helping the child overcome their trauma experience and rebuild their ability to trust in others.  Using Propensity to Learn™ we measure the child’s progress using 5 key measures.

Halliwell promotes good liaison with all local health services, but the ongoing mental health needs of children placed within the programme are addressed without a need to draw on NHS CAMHS resources.

If you'd like more information on
Restorative Parenting®, why not buy a copy of Healing Child Trauma Through Restorative Parenting, co-written by the Head of our Clinical Team, Dr Chris Robinson and published by Jessica Kingsley. Available on amazon -  (click here).