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We endevor to keep this up-to-date and current as our service changes, develops and improves.

Current Content is as follows.

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Article: 'The Pillars of Parenting Psychological Assessment Model' by Karen Mitchell-Mellor - Director of Practice.

A look at the model of quantifiable results that can be acieved through our care, showing improvements within Pillars of Parenting as well as the 'Every Child Matters' outcomes.

Article: 'Therapy Within Halliwell Homes' by Judith James - Director of Brighter Futures for Children.

How does the Therapy (Psychodynamic, Play Therapy and more) interract and work hand in hand with the Pillars of Parenting as well as Halliwell Home's wider Clinically Informed Practice.

Article: 'Halliwell Homes' Phased Education Programme' 

Our Education programme is designed so that it is able to respond to the yong people placed with us; often education is broken or not engaged with. We lead each young person along a phased programme, increasing and advancing education through to the mainstream.

Report: 'Assessment Case Study' by Karen Mitchell Mellor - Director of Practice

Showcased at Community Care Live: 2010 this shows the real results that we are able to achieve through our Cliniccally Informed Practice. Read this to gain an insight into how we will work with each young person placed with us as well as the reporting process that we follow.